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Couples Therapy

What We All Long For

Do you desire to be seen and heard by your partner? What would it feel like if you can have safe conversations where both people feel understood and deeply connected? As we learn to love ourselves and provide safe spaces, we can be more at ease and less reactive during conflicts with others. As we learn how to regulate our emotions during conflicts, the relationship gets safer and more intimate, and both people feel affirmed and strengthened, and grow in love and trust. I can help you and your relationship heal deeply through interventions that target the brain’s emotion centers. I’m passionate about helping clients emotionally regulate and experience more harmonious relationships with themselves and with one other.

Couples Therapy

How I Can Help

I help clients understand their family of origin dynamics and how to connect with the inner parts of their partners.  You'll get to identify old strategies and develop new ones that bring you closer and better at meeting one another's needs. I’m certified in Brainspotting Therapy, a powerful approach that accurately targets the trauma in the brain and reduces dysregulation. I work with couples communication, conflict resolution, couples co-regulation, and premarital counseling. I’m trained in Gottman Couples Methods, Couples Co-Regulation via Imago, Brainspotting, and Parts Work, and Prepare-Enrich Premarital Counseling framework.

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Therapist and Patient
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