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Individual Therapy

Anxiety, Trauma, Life Transitions

Do stress, anxiety, trauma and insecurity run your life more than your values and dreams? Do you relive the past as if it were happening right now? Your head knows better, but it fails to convince your heart otherwise. As horrible as those experiences were for the past, they continue to zap away your joy and confidence today. You might even avoid situations that trigger the feelings. Do others believe in your competence more than you believe in yourself? What would it be like if life was driven by passion and not fear or shame?

Therapist and Patient

How I can help

I'm certified in Brainspotting Therapy, a powerful approach that accurately targets the trauma in the brain and reduces dysregulation, emotional and physiological distress. I work with trauma and PTSD, GAD, Phobias, Chronic Pain, psychosomatic issues, medical injuries, Panic, OCD, Performance Anxiety, Social Anxiety, life-transitions, boundaries, inter-generational cross-cultural issues, infertility, depression, couples communication, and premarital counseling. while discovering your strengths and fostering growth in your future journey together.

Child Psycholgist

Let's do this together

 I enjoy helping adults, adolescents and kids, providing a safe place for you to find clarity, seek healing, empowerment, restore inner peace, and make meaning out of the ups and downs of life. See and be your authentic self and live out your deepest values! Call me for a free 15m consultation today!

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3880 S. Bascom Ave. Suite 202. San Jose, CA 95124


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