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Premarital Counseling

Personalized Care and Guidance

Congratulations on your finding your forever love! You desire to build a healthy, loving, and fulfilling marriage.  Do you find it much easier to talk about pleasant subjects and wish you had more tools dealing with differences? Do you find that important conversation about money, sex, or parenting is yet to happen? You’d like to communicate effectively and lovingly on areas of disagreement.  You've come to the right place!

Couple Holding Hands

Engaged Couples

You are wise and proactive to want to invest in a happy and fulfilling marriage! You’ll learn stress management and emotional regulation skills that would help reduce wedding planning stress and more.  I can help you layout important foundations for marriage such as communication and conflict resolution while discovering your strengths and fostering growth in your future journey together.

Couples Therapy

How I can help

I’m certified in PREPARE-ENRICH, one of the most trusted premarital counseling programs that had helped millions of couples.  I’m also trained in and will incorporate researched-backed Gottman couple methods catered to your needs and goals.  Topics Include:

  • Communication (Emphasized)

  • Personal Stress Profile 

  • Conflict Resolution (Emphasized)

  • Financial Management 

  • Leisure Activities 

  • Sex and Affection 

  • Relationship Roles 

  • Spiritual Beliefs 

  • Marriage Expectations 

  • Children and Parenting 

  • Couple and Family Maps 

  • Personality 

  • Goals (Achieving Goals Together)

I’d be happy to provide a free 15m phone consultation to learn about your relationship and tell you more about what working together will look like.

Happy Couple

Newly Weds

If you are newly married and would like tools and space to strengthen your marriage, you've come to the right place.  Being able to communicate lovingly and effectively and do conflict well increases connection and marital satisfaction!

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